How to Create Mixcloud Account [Proper Guide]

Are you a music enthusiast? For some people, music is therapy. They can’t even imagine a single day without music. Do you believe western music has all you need to include in your playlist? So your music thirst has an ultimate destination now. Maybe your boredom has “Alexa, play a romantic song for me,” and she listens. But is that the final solution? What if you are going to when you are outside oh home? Don’t worry. We have something for you. Here we are introducing the Mixcloud Downloader music website for you. It has a huge range of collections of your desired western music with a vast range of music and much more.

How to Create a Mixcloud Account

Are you thinking to be on Mixcloud? You know music is also considered to be a therapy in medical science. Youths can realize the need for music in their lives. If you have broken up, come to the music streaming channel. It will heal you. If you are fallen in love, also come here to feel the love a little more. There is music for every time mood. This is the only thing you will never get bored of. So Mixcloud will be a good option for you. But if you are still confused about how to create an account on Mixcloud then this article will be helpful for you. So let’s go further.

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How to Create an Account On Mixcloud

Creating an account is much easy as a task. Do visit the site first and just click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the steps we have done for you.
Here is a help to start:

    1. Username: For creating your username, you have to maintain a little thing. Don’t use any symbols (like . or ‘-,” @’ instead of ‘a’) cause it will not be much helpful for the Search Engine Optimization
    2. Display name: There is an advantage in Mixcloud for your username. You can easily change your display name for any time. That will not harm or affect your URL. If you wish to change your username, then it is an easy process. It can also change the slug of every URL. Then the links you shared previously on another site that won’t work further.
    3. Photo: It is upon you how you want yourself to present. So give an attractive photo with good quality. Good quality means that it has to be good in pixel density. It doesn’t have to be high resolution. The picture will highlight your brand identity and will make a classy look of yours. If there is no brand to show, then, you’re an individual as your own. It will look classy.
    4. Description: If you are smart enough, then keep it short. Add a short bio that describes who you are. Add some links to your internet websites so that people will know where else to find you and how.
    5. Connections: Connect your Mixcloud profile with your Twitter / Facebook / G+ account. That will make your listeners know where else to find you. This part is really important to link your social media handles. That will help maximize your reach and variety of tracks you want to listen to. That every time someone who is connected on your Facebook’ favorites’ shows your account, its ID will automatically be visible there. The Facebook page will automatically make a new post for uploading your track.


In this article, we talked about creating a Mixcloud Account for free. So now you are ready to have your choice by following these steps. Now, you can start with the steps and can open a new account with the steps above. We hope it will help you to open your account.

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